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Simple Fast Weight Loss - Lose 5 Pounds a Week

Written By john lennon on Thursday, December 5, 2013 | 7:34 PM


The rate of people becoming overweight in the world is increasing more than it ever has. That is why people search for easy and fast ways to lose weight. Since it seems like it takes so much effort to drop a pound, simple fast weight loss sounds too good to be true. Although there are many programs that deliver empty promises the simple fast weight loss method is to just decrease caloric intake and increase activity. This article gives a brief overview of the mathematics of weight loss.

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The average American woman eats about 1,800 calories a day; for men the figure is 2,800 calories. (men tend to have higher calorie needs because their bodies have a greater percentage of muscle than woman and muscle burns more calories than fat) given the example that a woman is maintaining her weight at 1,800 calories a day. The question is how much will she lose on a 1000 calorie diet? By taking away 800 calories from her daily intake she would be avoiding 5,600 calories in a week. 3500 calories equals one pound of fat so if you divide that by 5600 you get roughly 1 ½ pounds. When this is coupled with physical activity, double the weight can be lost. Initially, more weight will drop because water retention will decrease but with that easy method, as much as 5 pounds a week can be lost.

One drawback to this way of losing weight is your basal metabolic rate will drop because your body is receiving a lot less calories than normal. The way to overcome this is to increase your caloric intake slowly after a week or two from initially not consuming as many calories.

This simple fast weight loss method is very effective and when implemented correctly losing weight can seem almost effortless.
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