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Simple Fast Weight Loss Tips

Written By john lennon on Thursday, December 5, 2013 | 7:22 PM

Let's face it. The US has an obesity problem. Weight loss is a multimillion dollar business and health clubs are flourishing. However, often lost in all of the madness to become thin is good old common sense. Before you spend thousands of dollars on the latest pill or gadget, try a few simple tips to help you drop a few pounds.

Okay, this may sound simple but first and foremost you should think about cutting back on the amount of food you are eating. This doesn't mean starving yourself which slows your metabolism and makes losing weight even harder. A simple rule to follow is to listen to your body. You have nerve endings in your stomach that send a message to your brain that no more food is needed. Unfortunately, most of us ignore this signal and continue eating even though we are full.

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Secondly, cut out processed foods. In other words, anything that is manmade such as chips, cookies, etc. should be eliminated. Also attempt to cut out all sugary foods and white flour. Not only will dropping these three things from your diet make you lose weight very quickly, but you will become much healthier as well.

Thirdly, begin to exercise. If you are extremely obese, begin walking daily and continue to increase the pace and distance each week. Exercise should be intense! If you are not sweating, you are wasting your time!

Lastly, drink water. Cut out all soft drinks and fruit juices which are full of sugar and limit yourself to water and green teas which will help speed up metabolism. Drinking water will also make you feel full which will be helpful in assisting you in not overeating. Drink a minimum of 8 to 10 large glasses of water a day.

Weight loss is not easy. However, it is not necessary to spend thousands of dollars and starve yourself to achieve success. A good start is to follow these simple tips and you will notice an immediate difference in the way you look and feel.
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